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Faqs About Relationship Coaching

What is a relationship coach?
A coach helps you improve your skills, which in turn improves your performance in that arena. In relationship coaching, you learn how to do what is in your control to have the intimate, passionate, romantic and peaceful relationship you crave.

What are the coach's qualifications?
Every personal coach who is affiliated with The Surrendered Institute has been personally trained and screened by Laura Doyle. All of our coaches are also wives who have applied the principles of surrendering to their marriages.

When you call to make your an appointment, a coach is randomly assigned from our pool of available and qualified trainers. Once you begin a relationship with a specific trainer, you may continue to work with her on an ongoing basis or talk to a different coach if you prefer.

How is this different from therapy?
Relationship coaching is a life-changing process, but it is not a substitute for professional psychological counseling. Just as the title implies, relationship coaching focuses strictly on the topic of relationships as they relate to the principles of Surrendering.

Is there anything I need to do before I come to my session?
Ideally, you will have read The Surrendered Wife prior to scheduling a coaching session. However, if you're in a crisis and need coaching immediately, it's not required that you read the book first.

What can I expect to get out of a coaching session?
Some coaching sessions are for crisis intervention, as in "How can I not divorce my husband today?" while others are about the finer points of surrendering, such as "How do I make a spending plan and give it to my husband?" All you need before you schedule a session is the desire to improve your relationship. We'll take it from there. You might want only one session, or you might want to have one every week for several weeks. Ultimately, the point of the coaching is to give you practical solutions to big or small problems in your intimate relationship.

Coaching will help you find out how to:

  • Overcome fear of surrendering in your marriage.
  • Surrender in your unique situation.
  • Determine if your husband is a "good guy."
  • Find the motivation and support for changing your habits to the ones that foster intimacy.
  • Surrender when divorce or separation seems eminent.
  • Reconcile after a separation.

Do you coach women and men?
Surrendered Wife relationship coaching is for women only.

Why are the coaching sessions only 30 minutes? Can't I have an hour?
We have found that 30 minutes is the optimal length for a coaching session. The time restraint forces both client and coach to focus on the situation at hand, while providing ample time to explain the problem and discuss solutions.

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