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Relationship Quiz

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Feel superior to your man?
Nag your husband?
Commiserate with other wives about your husband?
Hear yourself say “I told my husband…”?
Think everything would be fine if your husband
would just do what you tell him?
Eavesdrop on your husband’s conversations
to make sure everything is handled correctly?
Feel that you are the only adult in the family?
Feel overburdened in parenting your children?
Do things for your husband that he is capable
of doing for himself?
Have recurring anxiety or depression?
Feel exhausted?
Find either of you are disinterested in sex?
Feel resentful or jealous about your husband’s
victories in life?
Reject or criticize his gifts, however small?
Fantasize about divorce or life with a man
who would better match you?
Discount the reasons you chose your husband
in the first place?
Feel hopeless about your marriage because
your needs have gone unmet for so long?
Have a hard time trusting your husband in
even the smallest matter?
Find yourself frequently wanting to control
your husband?
Get angry with your husband when he makes
a poor decision?



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